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General Purpose:

The Social Worker of the Partial Hospitalization Program is responsible for the primary functions of Psychiatric Social Work in the clinic setting to clients and families, including gathering information and giving referrals, counseling, group work and community referrals in the interdisciplinary setting.

Essential Functions:

Ability to effectively communicate and case manage patient psychiatric care. Must possess a current M.S.W. and be eligible for licensure. Able to lift, walk, carry and stand.

Duties and Responsibilties:

The Social Worker of the Partial Hospitalization Program is responsible for the performance of a variety of clinical functions, while also providing case management and direct clinical supervision for specified aspects of overall treatment programs. The Social Worker reports to the PHP Manager.


  1. Provides patient care in a clinical setting:
    a) Reviews intake assessments on new patients.
    b) Orients new patients to program.
    c) Completes psychosocial assessment.
    d) Completes master treatment plan and updates as needed.
    e) Conducts group therapy sessions and didactic presentations, ensuring that content is relevant to the needs of the patients.
    f) Conducts family assessments and family meetings, as appropriate.
    g) Assesses patient needs on an ongoing basis to include readiness for discharge and need for more intensive inpatient treatment.
    h) Completes necessary charting in a timely manner (daily notes for each patient, treatment plan update, documents any individual sessions and collateral contacts).
    i) Makes collateral contacts as needed to ensure a thorough understanding of patient’s needs and ensures continuity of care. These contacts may include case managers, therapists, psychiatrists, family members and group home staff.
    j) Monitors patient activity during lunch hour and break periods.
    k) Provides crisis intervention to patients as needed to include assessing suicide risk and danger to others, facilitating legal 2000 and voluntary hospitalization when needed.
  2. Supports the Interdisciplinary Process:
    a) Attends weekly staff meeting to discuss policies and procedures of facility, as directed by the Director of Patient Services.
    b) Attends weekly clinical staffing to review patient treatment plans and discharge plans, working within a treatment team.
    c) Makes changes in patient treatment plan, as prescribed by the treatment team and/or Medical Director.
    d) Coordinates with van drivers to ensure patients are transported to and from PHP.
    e) Addresses any concerns regarding medication management with PHP nurse.
  3. Maintains Professional Work Relations:
    a) Practices the goals and objectives of Boulder City Hospital in providing quality service and care to clients, visitors, referral services and employees in a professional and pleasant work environment.
    b) Adheres to HIPAA and confidentiality standards of the facility.
    c) Attends reasonable number of inservice/continuing education programs annually.
    d) Attends workshops which may enhance ability to perform the duties of a Care Coordinator.

Skills and Abilities Required:

  1. Consultation with patients and families/caregivers.
  2. Consultation with agency staff and referral sources as appropriate.
  3. Participation in continuing education in compliance with state and federal guidelines.
  4. Therapeutic group process skills

Education and Experience Required:

  1. The Social Worker must have a M.S.W. and be eligible for licensure.
  2. Two (2) years of experience in a mental health field is preferred.
  3. CPR required.
  4. CPI required.

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