General Purpose:

The TRU (Transitional Rehab Unit) LPN is accountable to the Transitional Rehab Manager and House Supervisor.

Essential Functions:

Medication administration, care management and gives direct patient care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding patients, and assisting in examinations and treatments. Ability to lift, walk, carry and stand.

Duties and Responsibilties:

Individuals must comply with the Boulder City Hospital’s Privacy and Security policies as reflected in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Skills and Abilities Required:

Standard II: The Licensed Practical Nurse shall perform nursing functions in an organized and effective manner.

1. Demonstrates the ability to constructively plan and use times
2. Utilizes supplies and equipment effectively.
3. Responds positively to changes in assignment and/or priorities.
4. Demonstrates cooperative attitude with co-workers and other hospital personnel.
5. Appropriately reports job related problems to supervisory personnel.

Standard III: The Licensed Practical Nurse shall be accountable for maintaining the improving basic nursing knowledge and skills.

1. Demonstrates efforts to maintain and improve knowledge and skills through attendance at in-service and continuing education programs. Annual Education requirements (refer to hospital policy)
2. Accountable to read policies and procedures as they relate to the hospital and nursing department.
3. Attends scheduled unit meetings and / or committees.
4. Contributes to the orientation of new employees.

Standard IV: The Licensed Practical Nurse shall support the department and hospital’s goals, objectives, philosophy and practices.

1. Demonstrates a positive response to the work environment
2. Demonstrates compliance with hospital and nursing service standards, policies and procedures.
3. Demonstrates flexibility with schedule changes
4. Reliable and cooperative as a hospital team member.
5. Demonstrates sensitivity to the needs of other employees, patients, medial staff and visitors.
6. Reports for duty as scheduled
7. Reports for duty on time

Restrictions (May Not)

1. Push direct intravenous medication (as per NSBN NAC 632.455 )
2. Perform duties related to IV therapy and N/G tubes, unless certified to do so.
3. Perform initial assessment.

Standard V: The Licensed Practical Nurse will consider all aspects of safety regarding self, patients, visitors and other personnel.

1. Assesses the environment for any risk factors.
2. Reports safety hazards to appropriate person(s) and follows through to confirm correction.

Standard VI: The Licensed Practical Nurse considers all aspects of infection and control and universal precautions in performing all duties and responsibilities.

1. Assessment: Assesses all Environments for Infection Control issues.

a. Assess all patients on visit for infectious process or disease
b. Assess patient area for potential sources of pathogenic transmission.
c. Assess self and others (physician, staff, patient and visitors) for good hand washing technique.
d. Assess need for isolation precautions as appropriate to the disease process.

2. Planning: Plans treatment for patients with infectious process during visit and after disposition

a. Initiates appropriated precautions and/or isolation.
b. Follows through with care for the treatment and prevention of infections.
c. Provides education and direction to ancillary personnel, patients and visitors on required precautions.
d. Performs adequate hand washing technique at all times.

3. Evaluation: Evaluates effectiveness of procedures and hospital systems.

a. Evaluate individualized patient care.
b. Evaluate effectiveness of the units infection control system
c. Evaluates ongoing adherence to unit and hospital policy regarding infection control.

Standard VII: The TRU Licensed Practical Nurse performs general nursing duties with consideration of all aspects of relevant treatment of patients. The TRU Licensed Practical Nurse must complete the TRU Nurse Skill Checklist.

1. Assessment:

a. Identifies and documents specific signs and symptoms common to the pathophysiology of TRU patients, accurately completes the acuity criteria form for each patient (when available) and identifies, assesses and reports any significant changes from the patient’s baseline status.
b. Continually assesses the effectiveness and efficacy of TRU orders and recommends changes as necessary.
c. Assess patient’s age to identify deficits.

2. Planning:

a. Contributes to individual care plan utilizing standards of care developed for the care for TRU. patients.
b. Plans teaching programs for the patient and family using tools specific for patients in TRU.

3. Implementation:

a. Performs patient care, as delegated, based on knowledge, specific unit standards and prudent nursing judgment.
b. Performs care, considering patient’s age, educational level and social circumstances.

4. Evaluation:

a. Utilizes unit standards to ensure appropriate intervention and outcome.
b. Utilized unit QA Program to identify, evaluate and revise problems identified in the system.

Education and Experience Required:

1. Active Nevada Nursing License

2. Prefer 1 year experience in an acute care setting.

3. CPR Certified

4. Completion of an approved IV Certification Class in Nevada or another state with copies of current competency recertification.

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