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General Purpose:

Under the direction of the Laboratory Technologist General Supervisor on duty, the Phlebotomist/Lab Assistant obtains specimens for analysis with the highest quality and most efficient service possible through the proper use of facilities, supplies, equipment and attendant resources. Draws blood from patients or donors in hospital for analysis or other medical purposes.

Essential Functions:

Must have full dexterity of fingers and hands. Vision must be 20/20 or corrected to 20/20. Position requires standing, sitting, bending at waist, communication skills on the telephone and in person.

Duties and Responsibilties:

  1. Assembles equipment such as tourniquet, needles, disposable containers for needles, blood collection devices, gauze, cotton and alcohol on work tray according to requirements for specified tests or procedures.
  2. Verifies or records identity of patient or donor and converses with patient or donor to allay fear of procedure.
  3. Applies tourniquet to arm, locates accessible vein, swabs puncture area with antiseptic, and inserts needle into vein to draw blood into collection tube or bag.
  4. Withdraws needle, applies treatment to puncture site, labels and stores blood container for subsequent processing.
  5. Pricks finger to draw blood.
  6. Transfers urine sample in tube and centrifuge, ready for Lab Tech to do microscopic exam.
  7. Performs waived testing under the supervision of the Lab Tech.
  8. Places specimens in the instruments noting their appearance (hemolyzed, icteric, lipemic) and informing the Lab Tech of such.
  9. Assists the Lab Manager in gathering the monthly statistics and emailing them to Accounting office.
  10. Maintains Charge Master by collecting data for pricing and CPT codes. Helps establish new tests for LIS order entry.
  11. Assists the Lab manager in checking invoices received before they are signed.
  12. Reviews all patient charges and makes appropriate adjustments.
  13. Reviews all laboratory requisitions daily to assure that all lab tests were ordered properly.

Skills and Abilities Required:

  1. Venipuncture skills.
  2. Comprehensive knowledge of specimen requirements and test names.
  3. Proficient in Microsoft office software, word and excel.

Education and Experience Required:

  1. High School diploma or equivalent.
  2. Minimum six (6) months phlebotomy experience preferred.
  3. Must be licensed as a Laboratory Assistant by the State of Nevada.

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