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General Purpose:

The House Supervisor is responsible for directing and supervising functions and activities. In the absence of department heads and administration, may act as a representative in most hospital matters. The House Supervisor is accountable to the Acute Care Manager.

Essential Functions:

Medication administration, care management and may be required to give direct patient care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding patients, and assisting in examinations and treatments, accepting one to two patient load, including ICU patients. Ability to lift, walk, carry and stand.

Duties and Responsibilties:

  1. Consults with and advises/informs the Acute Care Manager concerning administrative issues, needs and problems of the day, evening, or night shifts. Carries out administrative responsibilities as assigned and directed.
  2. Administers the nursing program during all shifts. Directs and supervises nursing staff. Orients and instructs new employees in cooperation with the Acute Care Manager. Participates in the assessment of staffing needs. May do some scheduling. Adjusts staffing as need arises and calls in replacement personnel when necessary. Assigns duties and evaluates work performance. Makes recommendations for personnel actions such as merit increases, promotions, transfers and disciplinary action. Gives guidance and counsel. Provides for inservice education for personnel in cooperation with Staff Development Coordinator. May pronounce death if so ordered by a Boulder City Hospital staff physician in accordance with NRS 632.474 and NRS 440.415 (attached).
  3. Implements and maintains established hospital policies and procedures, standards of performance and productivity, quality improvement, safety, environmental and infection control and other regulatory requirements. Interprets these to hospital staff, and as appropriate, to medical staff and patients. Assures compliance by staff. Keeps personnel updated on policy and procedure changes and other matters as they relate to the staff. Solves problems and grievances or channels them to the appropriate authority. Makes independent decisions when there is no established policy or regulation to meet the situation or circumstance. Inform appropriate authority as required when an emergency situation arises.
  4. Coordinates activities of the hospital and promotes cooperation of the staff to achieve hospital objectives and maintains good departmental relations. Promotes and maintains harmonious and effective working relationships within the hospital and with the public.
  5. Performs the following duties daily or as needed:
    • Receives and reviews preceding shift reports.
    • Makes complete rounds of all departments at start and end of shift, and as needed.
    • Makes safety checks, notes fire hazards and other observations.
    • Investigates policy violations and takes corrective action.
    • Receives census/condition report from nurses on each unit and supervises patient care.
    • Admits patients and makes arrangements for emergency operations and other services that are available on an on-call basis.
    • Assists attending physician when necessary.
    • Aides patients and families as needed in time of stress or crisis.
    • Maintains patient rights as established.
    • Handles incidents and prepares incident reports; takes appropriate action.
    • Participates in QI activities as delegated.”

Education and Experience Required:

  1. Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing.
  2. Current Licensure by the Nevada State Board of Nursing.
  3. Current ACLS Certification.
  4. Current CPR (basic life support) Certification.
  5. Capable both physically and mentally for:
    • Close work with patients, their families, nursing staff and medical staff.
    • Demands of walking and standing most of duty time as well as lifting of patients while caring for their needs.
  6. Performs other reasonable related duties as assigned by immediate supervisor and other management as required.

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